The wonders of science in 2019

We are six and a half months away from the new year and 2019 has proven to be an interesting year for science. People have decided to be innovative once again a woman from Mexico, in particular, a made a type plastic from cactus that is biodegradable and in a month and is safe to ingest. How about that for multitasking?

Now the weed is becoming legal in the US again there is a wood that is being made from a hemp plant, they are calling it the new oak. Not so reminiscent of the plastic cars that were made out of hemp years ago.

Now even more exciting is the prospect of genetic science repairing damage to a human body. A man who was paralyzed but now through stem sells therapy have been regenerating today and he is now in the process of regaining upward Mobility once again. One might wonder how soon will be till people born with issues of any type will be able to enjoy a full and healthy life. How soon will it be till children born with Down syndrome will have the ability to have their brains repaired by this research? How soon will people born with Cerebral palsy be able to have it reversed and live a natural whole life? The possibilities are endless because our imaginations are in endless. The true dreamers of today and of tomorrow see that nothing is unachievable. This is truly exciting, the men and women of my parents and grandparents and great-grandparents generation saw wonderful Marvels such as my great-grandmother saw electricity going all throughout the United States, the automobile, Breaking the sound barrier, man walking on the moon. For my parents, they saw the Marvel’s through the sixties and till now marvels different vaccinations that actually worked, the computer revolution, the internet, cell phones. Now my generation we’ll hopefully see you all disease eradicated all disability eradicated because of stem cell research. A research that was very controversial because of where it came from. However, now finding that we can Harvest stem cells from a grown human we now see the possibilities of tomorrow. At tomorrow where Someone with Down Syndrome could one-day have It reversed.

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